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Electrolysis Melbourne

Permanent Hair Removal Solution

Impeccable Electrolysis Melbourne!


By far the most sought-after technique for permanent hair removal, electrolysis is medically proven to be effective and is a globally recognised method. With the constant and rapid expansion of technological procedures regarding hair removal treatments, nothing surpasses the dominance of electrolysis. Electrolysis, when performed by the accredited professionals here at JN Laser and Beauty Clinic, our latest specially designed electronic equipment produces a carefully controlled, localised current that gradually destroys the hair germinating cells for permanent hair growth termination.

Since 1990, JN Laser and Beauty Clinic provides professional with high standards of hygiene electrolysis treatments to our clients throughout Melbourne. By utilising impeccable medical techniques with the latest equipment, our qualified Electrologist in Melbourne is devoted to client satisfaction and exceeding client expectation, with all electrolysis hair removal solutions. With our latest upgraded electrolysis equipment, we provide our clients with more comfort and peace of mind during each electrolysis treatment.

Shaping the confidence of your beauty, with world-leading electrolysis procedures that will be sure to provide you with a solution. High quality electrolysis treatments have never been so easy and straightforward. Contact us today for your own personalised consultation in Melbourne.

Electrolysis Melbourne

Learn more about our Electrolysis Melbourne Permanent Hair Removal solutions and pop in and see us for a free consultation

Anti-aging clinic Melbourne

Feel the burst of rejuvenation

Anti Aging Clinic Melbourne ~ Stunning Results

If you are concerned about wrinkles and the tightness of your skin and feeling like your appearance can be enhanced, JN Beauty and Laser anti aging clinic Melbourne can offer you a non-surgical method that will help you achieve younger, more radiant looking skin. With our world-leading medical grade equipment incorporated with a variety of anti-aging treatments that are non-surgical, we can offer you safe and effective solutions here at JN Laser and Beauty Clinic. As we become older, the collagen and elastin in our skin become weaker because they are not replenished as quickly, unable to provide the support the epidermis requires. It is a natural process encrypted into a human’s life cycle. At JN Laser and Beauty Clinic, our advanced anti-aging Paramedical Clinic acquires a team of qualified nurses and clinical therapists who constantly administer the most suitable, non-invasive anti-aging techniques.

Say no to premature aging with JN Laser and Beauty Clinic’s latest anti-aging methods. Outstanding anti aging treatments situated in our clinic in Melbourne, with reasonable and cost effective solutions is what JN Laser and Beauty Clinic offers. With extensive experience in the majority of beauty and anti aging issues, JN Laser and Beauty Clinic’s highly trained and accredited staff will evaluate each case in an ethical and reliable manner, providing you with your desired results regarding your anti-aging treatment. Amazing anti-aging clinic treatments, for amazing clients!

JN Laser and Beauty Clinic is here to provide Melbourne residents  with the utmost reliable and professional anti-aging treatments available. With a client-orientated approach, devotion to our anti-aging practice and overall excellence, JN Laser and Beauty anti aging clinic Melbourne is your number one choice for anti-aging treatment Melbourne wide. Ask us about all of our non surgical face lift treatments. Contact us today.

anti aging clinic Melbourne

Stretch Marks Treatment Melbourne

Obtain a Stretch Mark free body!


Stretch Marks Treatment Melbourne that will amaze…

Stretch marks form in the middle layer of the skin when the connective skin tissue is stretched due to rapid expansion or contraction of the dermis. Such rapid differences in the skin can occur due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, bodybuilding, or medical conditions in which the skin can be compromised. Stretch marks commonly occur in various parts of the body including thighs, arms, and the abdominal area and can appear in differing widths and colours. Say no to stretch marks with our leading Stretch Marks Treatment Melbourne wide.

At JN Laser and Beauty Clinic, we provide our clients with effective stretch marks treatment throughout Melbourne with our leading medical grade equipment. Our skilled team of dermal therapists offer innovative and effective stretch marks treatment in Melbourne that are second to none. Our skilled dermal therapists perform stretch marks treatment in  our Melbourne salon safely and ethically with the superior Venus Freeze that uses radio frequency combined with innovative magnetic pulse technology to bring you outstanding results. Our stretch marks treatment utilises the latest technology, allowing you to experience the JN Laser and Beauty Clinic difference when it comes to effective stretch marks treatment.

With our latest and most powerful machine used to perform our stretch marks treatment in Melbourne, you can now say goodbye to costly and ineffective stretch marks treatments such as oils and lotions that only bring disappointment. That is what makes our stretch marks treatment in Melbourne stand out from the rest. Our highly skilled clinical therapists coupled with the usage of world-leading dermal equipment will deliver excellent results and improve the appearance of stretch marks. For effective treatment of stretch marks treatment, contact JN Laser and Beauty Clinic today for your personalised quote.

Stretch marks treatment Melbourne venus freeze

JN Laser & Beauty also provide exceptional Cellulite Treatment Melbourne wide. Call us now for a free consultation.

Photo-rejuvenation Melbourne

Accredited skin treatments…

Photo Rejuvenation Melbourne treatments

Photo rejuvenation is a skin treatment that utilises lasers and pulsed light procedures to improve your skin to achieve younger and radiant looking skin and delay visible aging effects. These conditions include wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, pigmentation. diffused redness, sun spots and general skin texture on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Photo rejuvenation techniques require precision and accredited staff, something that JN Laser and Beauty Clinic have in abundance. Equipped with the finest world-leading medical equipment and technical infrastructure, we are the leading Paramedical Photo Rejuvenation Melbourne Clinic , dedicated to seeing a smile on our client’s faces after each successful procedure.

Alternative photo rejuvenation techniques are classified as thermal rejuvenations.  JN Laser & Beauty are focused on the most accurate and precise methods, providing exceptional results. By offering affordable photo rejuvenation treatments, combined with impeccable medical-grade equipment that will perfect an imperfection. We are the utmost professional and outstanding photo rejuvenation Paramedical Clinic in Melbourne. Our highly trained and professional team will educate you on a variety of our procedures, in order for you to comprehend our latest treatments we administer in our photo rejuvenation treatments in Melbourne. Amazing Photo Rejuvenation Melbourne, for amazing clients!

We are proud to be a fully Australian-owned-and-operated photo rejuvenation Paramedical Clinic, by acquiring the finest accredited clinical therapists and qualified nurses in Melbourne, you know we mean business! For leading photo rejuvenation treatment services that are designed for your prosperity and enhancement, we are here to assist. JN Laser & Beauty are the leaders in Photo Rejuvenation, Non Surgical Face Lift treatments and Venus Free Facials Melbourne wide. Contact us today.

Photo Rejuvenation Melbourne    Photo Rejuvenation Melbourne


Broken capillaries treatment

Solution for broken Capillaries

Exquisite broken capillaries treatment

Capillaries are microscopic and delicate veins just under the skin that are partly responsible for the blood circulation in the face, décolletage, and legs. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic is Melbourne’s leading broken capillaries treatment expert with a constant drive for better and accurate results for all our clientele.

When the phrase “Broken capillaries treatment” is mentioned, there is only one company that should spring to mind; JN Laser and Beauty Clinic. By utilising impeccable medical techniques, equipped with all the necessary world-leading medical-grade equipment and armed with exceptional knowledge, our beauty team in Melbourne are devoted to client satisfaction and exceeding client expectation with all broken capillaries treatments. Excellence, dedication and reliability are the fundamental stepping-stones that JN Laser and Beauty Clinic have built their reputation on providing second to none broken capillaries treatment throughout Melbourne over the past 25 years.

If you are searching for state of the art broken capillaries treatment in Melbourne that is reliable, accredited and accurate, look no further. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic are the leaders in broken capillaries treatment with a highly trained and qualified team to tend to your broken capillary needs. Contact us today.

Broken capillaries treatment

Spider vein treatment

Diminish spider veins!

Spider vein treatment that really works

Spider veins are smaller and appear in colours such as red, purple, and blue. Spider veins are easily visible through the skin typically on the legs and face. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic is equipped with state of the art procedures and administer exceptional spider vein treatment in Melbourne. As the aging process continues to evolve, veins tend to weaken up and dilate causing an unsightly appearance for many. We are here for you to solve that professionally.

With extensive experience in the beauty industry, spider veins and overall unnecessary issues, JN Laser and Beauty Clinic’s highly trained team of professionals will evaluate each case separately and ethically to provide you with your desired results regarding your spider vein treatment. We emit our excellence by professionally informing our clients on methods to alleviate any discomfort and maintain results. Our leading and accredited staff will explain procedures and treatments regarding the advanced spider vein therapy we utilise.

Our experienced and accredited professional team in Melbourne are by your side, offering you spider vein treatment solutions that you will appreciate! With JN Laser and Beauty Clinic, you can’t go wrong. High quality spider vein treatments have never been so easy and straightforward. If you are looking for the finest spider vein treatment solutions in Melbourne, look no further! Contact us today for your own personalised quote.

Spider vein treatment melbourne

Cellulite Treatment Melbourne

New and advanced techniques for Cellulite Treatment

Exceptional Cellulite Treatment Melbourne

Cellulite is a highly common condition that can be improved by the latest technology without discomfort. The latest Venus Freeze uses radio frequency combined with magnetic pulse which delivers the best outcome. The aesthetic appearance tends to be unsightly and unwanted for the majority of individuals and require accurate and precise treatments. Who better to call than JN Laser and Beauty Clinic for exceptional cellulite treatment Melbourne wide? For exceptional service and results, we are the leading beauty clinic devoted to your success and presentation.

Outstanding cellulite treatments in Melbourne, with cost effective and safe solutions are what JN Laser and Beauty Clinic offers. With state of the art medical-grade equipment, and 25 years experience in the beauty field, we are the leading Paramedical Cellulite Treatment Melbourne Clinic.

By maintaining and evolving our finest cellulite treatment services across Melbourne, we are home to highly skillful, enthusiastic and experienced team of cellulite experts with motivation for success and accomplishment. If you are in need of an effective cellulite treatment solution, look no further and contact JN Laser & Beauty Clinic now.

cellulite treatment Melbourne

cellulite treatment Melbourne

JN Laser & Beauty are your number one clinic for Acne Scar Treatment and Stretch Marks Treatment Melbourne wide. Make an appointment for your free consultation.

Acne scar treatment

Are you seeking an effective acne scar treatment?

Post acne scarring and general scarring are a result of damage to the skin tissue. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic administer general and acne scar treatment for all ages. We understand the severity and lack of confidence the majority of patients face on a day-to-day basis, which is why JN Laser and Beauty Clinic endeavour to boost and uplift your image to confidence and beauty with our leading acne scar treatment in Melbourne. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic’s professionalism continues to achieve great results, as we are capable of improving any type of scars. Scarring that can occur due to skin trauma, post-surgery, and post-acne can be treated successfully with our non-invasive techniques will be sure to impress.

By utilising the most highly advanced medical techniques, our highly trained clinical therapists in Melbourne ensure you receive safe and cost effective acne scar treatment with an emphasis on natural, and comfortable solutions to treat any acne and general scarring that might be persistent. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic are a highly skilled unit of professional and qualified nurses and dermal therapists with years of experience who are dedicated to achieving the finest results for our clients. The leading and premium beauty Paramedical Clinic situated in Melbourne, JN Laser and Beauty Clinic. With a gentle approach, high quality assistance and long lasting acne scar treatment care, we like to change people’s perceptions of beauty solutions with our affordable acne scar treatment services that will provide a solution to your general and acne scar treatment needs.

If you are searching for leading acne scar treatment solutions in Melbourne, search no further. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic will alleviate discomfort all at equitable prices. Contact us today for your own personalised consultation regarding any acne treatments.

Acne scar treatment Melbourne

Non Surgical Face Lift

Amazing Non Surgical Face Lift Results!

Alleviate the worrying effects of aging in an accurate and healthy way by undergoing a Non Surgical Face Lift . You are granted the ability to rejuvenate and uplift your confidence, reducing visible signs of aging and any further imperfections. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic is equipped with state of the art techniques and the latest equipment dedicated to performing Non Surgical Face Lift treatments for all our clients that require that touch of excellence and prolong that youthful appearance.

Alternative face lifts are often very costly and require invasive surgical procedures. At JN Laser and Beauty Clinic, we can help you to achieve outstanding results pain free and in a safe manner. By providing affordable Non Surgical Face Lift  treatments, using non-invasive medical-grade equipment that will cause no pain, we are the utmost professional and outstanding face lift Paramedical Clinic in Melbourne. JN Laser Beauty are a well organised, cohesive unit of highly trained and qualified professionals leading in the field today. By communicating with our clients we are able to understand and comprehend what our clients envision for the final result. Impeccable, professional and effective  procedures with outstanding results.

Alluring, fine-tuned and captivating skin tightening procedures are what we pride ourselves on here at JN Laser and Beauty Clinic. With a dedicated team of clinical professionals who are willing to elaborate on ideas and constantly evolve existing anti aging face and neck lift procedures; we administer the utmost brilliant non surgical face lift team in Melbourne. Contact us today to revitalise your face and boost your confidence.

Non Surgical Face Lift