Immaculate Body Therapies

Venus Freeze – New Anti- Ageing Technology- Body Therapies

Perfect for those who do not want, or need surgery. The process delivers superior skin tightening under the eyes, jowls, cheecks, jaw and neck, while also reducing wrinkles and fine lines without injections or lasers.

In addition to improving skin tone and texture, Venus Freeze also works at a deeper level by triggering the body to produce new collagen and elastic fibres essential for youthful skin. Collagen building begins immediately and continues for three months.

During treatment magnetic pulses and radio frequency work together to tighten the forehead, under eye area, jowls or neck.


Venus Freeze is a unique technology that can be used for:

  • Anti -ageing
  • Skin tightening
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Circumferential reduction – fat reduction through lipolysis

The new Venus Freeze combines both Pulse Magnetic fields and Radio Frequency (RF) which is delivered through (MP)2 hand piece that painlessly, safely and simultaneously raises the skins temperature over the treatment area. It’s uniform distribution of heat means a highly efficient matrix that penetrates the multiple layers of the skin, safely, eliminating the need for local anaesthetic and improving clinical efficay, and produces clear visible results for smoother and firmer skin.

The Venus Freeze treatment is completely non-invasive with many clients likening it to a massage!

Correcting the Biological Phenomena that causes Ageing

(MP)2 is a unique technology that combines pulse magnetic fields and RF. Pulse magnetic fields increase FGF-2 production, a growth hormone responsible for the creation of minute blood vessels and the proliferation of derma fibroblasts. Simultaneously RF increases collagen and elastin synthesis by causing controlled thermal damage in the dermis, which stimulates the self repair mechanisms of skin tissue.


(MP)2 increases the tissue temperature producing enhanced hormone activity and a breaking down of triglycerides located in the fat cells into glycerol and free fatty acids. The free fatty acids are then released into the blood stream resulting in a significant volume reduction in the fat cells, which is seen in a measureable circumferential reduction and smooths cellulite.

Blood Circulation

(MP)2 improves blood flow in the treated areas that enhances overall skin condition. Improved dermal circulation supplies more vitamins, minerals and oxygen to skin cells, simultaneously removing toxins and waste material.

Collagen & Elastin Restructuring

(MP)2 modifies collgen fibres making them thicker and shorter, increasing skin tightness. At the same time new fibroblasts increase the number of collagen and elastin fibres improving skin tightness and elasticity resulting in wrinkle reduction.

The Procedure

(MP)2 Magnetic pulse treatment is suitable for the face and body treatments. The Venus Freeze is a comfortable and relaxing, walk in, walk out non invasive treatment. The (MP)2 hand piece consists of four to eight prongs depending on the area to be treated and is glided smoothly over the treated area in a rhythmical motion.