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By far the most sought-after technique for permanent hair removal, electrolysis is medically proven to be effective and is a globally recognised method. With the constant and rapid expansion of technological procedures regarding hair removal treatments, nothing surpasses the dominance of electrolysis. Electrolysis, when performed by the accredited professionals here at JN Laser and Beauty Clinic, our latest specially designed electronic equipment produces a carefully controlled, localised current that gradually destroys the hair germinating cells for permanent hair growth termination.

Since 1990, JN Laser and Beauty Clinic provides professional with high standards of hygiene electrolysis treatments to our clients throughout Melbourne. By utilising impeccable medical techniques with the latest equipment, our qualified Electrologist in Melbourne is devoted to client satisfaction and exceeding client expectation, with all electrolysis hair removal solutions. With our latest upgraded electrolysis equipment, we provide our clients with more comfort and peace of mind during each electrolysis treatment.

Shaping the confidence of your beauty, with world-leading electrolysis procedures that will be sure to provide you with a solution. High quality electrolysis treatments have never been so easy and straightforward. Contact us today for your own personalised consultation in Melbourne.

Electrolysis Melbourne

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