Male Laser Hair Removal In Melbourne Brighton Bayside

Laser Hair Removal for men In Melbourne

Hairy backs, chests and stomachs are as much as a problem for men as underarms and bikinis lines can be for women. In some cases excessive hair on men can be a subconscious deterrent to engaging in activities such as going to the pool, the beach, etc.

Our laser hair removal treatments in Melbourne are an ideal solution to remove the hair permanently quickly and effectively. For sports people it is a fast and comfortable way to remove the time consuming activity before training and competition.

Why choose laser hair removal over waxing and IPL?

Laser is the most advanced technology and only requires fewer treatments to make a permanent hair removal change.

Our Asclepion Mediostar Laser for hair removal is highly targeted at the structures in the hair follicle. It delivers greater effectiveness and safety on darker skin than competing and limiting machines such as IPL and is far more comfortable with build in cooling system. Each procedure is very fast with our latest Laser model.

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