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L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCals provides complete cosmoceutical grade skincare solutions through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and Paramedical cosmetic Clinics worldwide.

L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCals is born out of extensive experience of professional and medical aesthetic salon treatment. Its main ingredients are botanical stem cell and marine stem cell.

These stem cell substances are extracted without any damages through Mibelle Biochemistry’s PhytoCellTec and BiotechMarine’s culture technology.

Their penetration rate is enhanced 6 times and they use this feature to repair the supporting structure of dermal cells and arrive at the basal cells to help with cell regeneration, repair and other activities.

Increased cellular activity, neutralizing free radicals and strengthening the skin’s immune system.

L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCals is…

An advanced biotechnological formula that contains stem cells based on skin science to add life energy to the skin.

It presents a new solution for irritated skin that has undergone a medical treatment.

* It delivers strong life energy of plant stem cells and plant growth energy deep into the skin to provide a basis for extending the skin life. The strong anti-oxidation effects of plants provide protection from the external environment.

* It contains stem cells that have a direct role in skin regeneration so that when the DNA cells are damaged, they contribute to DNA activation to repeat regeneration and differentiation, thereby playing an important role in cell regeneration and homeostasis maintenance.

anti aging treatment melbourne

Why should we use Stem Cell ingredients?

Stem Cell from grape cellus has a strong regenerating effect. It is a rare variety of apple about to extinction, and it possesses strong vitality and superb preserving function. It contains rich protein, nutrition and longevity cells. The growth energy of its stem cell is delivered directly to the skin to help smooth transfer of nutrition, to promote overall metabolism, and to provide anti-wrinkle effect.

Criste Marine (Sea Fennel) Stem Cell

Known as the natural retinol, Criste Marine maintains its moisture-retention ability and rich minerals even in a harsh, highly saline environment. It provides moisture and nutrients consistently and promotes metabolism to give resilience and luster to the skin. L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCalsreceives technology and skills from the global plant stem cell company, Mibell AG Biochemistry.

Why is L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCals needed for medical clinics?

Marine plant stem cell formula for managing medically treated or troubled skin.
Stem cells, which have a bigger direct effect on cell regeneration than EGF and DNA substances, have the capacity to rebuild damaged structures. Stem cells inside the skin are renewed into new cells when they become active and they repeatedly regenerate and differentiate themselves to prepare for skin damages. Stem cells are a crucial factor for managing medically treated or troubled skin since they have an important role in cell regeneration and homeostasis maintenance.

Life energy manifested by stem cell science
Innovative stem cell substances protect the skin and recover its initial state by acting intensively on symptoms of early aging including mimic wrinkles that occur on the epithelial tissue, deep wrinkles that have progressed to the dermis, degeneration of elastin structure, rough skin accompanied by a dull complexion, melasma, blemishes, dullness, severely dry skin, severely itchy skin accompanied by allergy and more. Stem cells also act directly on degenerating keratinocytes to activate cell division and help with skin regeneration and skin improvement process after a medical skin care treatment.

Improved skin protection through enforced anti-oxidation
Anti-oxidation effect on the skin barrier strengthens skin protection capacity and protects the cells from DNA damages that result from external environment and UV rays. Anti-free radical effect contributes to active cellular activities and skin resistance.

Biotechnology Research of Patent Stem Cell
Selection of a small piece of the apple -> Wounding of the apple piece to induce callus formation -> Incubation on agar plates and harvesting of developed callus -> Cultivation until complete dedifferentiation to obtain stem cells -> Transfer of the stem cells into a suspension (Liquid Medium) -> Disruption of the stem cell walls -> Encapsulation of the stem cell content into liposomes.
anti aging treatment melbourne

Improvement of early-aging skin
Uttwiler Spätlauber apple that has a strong life energy and Criste Marine stem cells that have excellent regenerating and moisturizing effects repair damaged DNA. Cell regeneration and differentiation induce cell proliferation, which in turn delays various symptoms of aging (pigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, low resilience) to produce multi anti-aging effects and provide growth factors that are lost over the aging process, thereby helping to solve the problem of skin troubles at the source

Stem cell culture technology
Stem cell substances are extracted without any damages through MibelleBiochemistry’s PhytoCellTec™ and BiotechMarine®’sculture technology. Their penetration rate is enhanced by 6 times, and they use this feature to repair the supporting structure of dermal cells and arrive at the basal cells to help with cell regeneration, repair and other activities.

Cell barrier repair system
T.E.W.L functions become stable through rapid repair and strengthening of the skin barrier. This not only reinforces moisture in the stratum corneumand skin’s immune system but also promotes cell regeneration to improve skin before or after medical treatments such as IPL, laser and Fraxeltreatments or skin that requires an anti-aging or regeneration solution.

TDDS system for transdermalabsorption
Plant stem cells possess a cellular wall that is too large for transdermalabsorption; hence, they are restructured into nanoparticles to increase the absorption rate and are wrapped with liposomesto ensure that they are safely absorbed into the basal layer. As a result, stem cells, Botox-resembling substances, snail secretion and other active ingredients pass through the cell wall and stratum corneumthrough the TransdermalDrug Delivery System (TDDS) and arrive at the dermal structure to result in cell regeneration, structural reorganization and improved wrinkles and resilience.

Safety-guaranteed stem cells
Product contains 100% skin-friendly plant stem cells and not animal stem cells that have a high chance of inducing antigen-antibody reactions and skin troubles. Plant stem cells provide a strong anti-oxidation effect and protection from the external environment to extend the cell life.

Clinically Proven Efficacy of L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCals

anti aging clinic melbourne

  • +84% Improved hydration
  • +72% Highly satisfactory overall effectiveness
  • +74% Improved complexion
  • +62% More supple, softer skin
  • +59% Significant reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved skin grain and reduction of pores

All L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCals clinical studies are performed by recognized independent clinical research laboratories with a clearly defined protocol, yielding accuracy, objectivity and validity of efficacy supporting data.

anti aging clinic melbourne

Test Results and Scientific Research Support

anti aging clinic melbourne

Discover Sea Plant Elixir Answer
Lightening effect/ Skin radiance & tone improvement/ Skin renewal stimulation/ Complete anti-aging solution

Extraction of stem cells from Marine Criste (sea fennel)

Sea plants were the first and original organisms to have come out of water.

Sea plants, with their roots in the marine medium, have to face the constraints of the terrestrial conditions (dehydration-light-UV-etc).

L’INSTITUT DE CliniCeutiCals Exclusive brings you the best in biotechnological cell revitalization with a minimum risk of skin irritation.

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