Electrolysis For Permanent Hair Removal In Melbourne

Electrolysis Melbourne

Electrolysis is a progressively permanent hair removal treatment to rid the body of superfluous (unwanted) hair. Electrolysis has been around for over one hundred years when it was invented by an Opthamologist to treat an ingrown eyelash!

How electrolysis works to remove hair permanently

The permanent hair removal process begins with a fine probe that is gently slid into the base of the follicle, to where the cells responsible for growing the hair are situated. Intensity is applied to the base of the follicle which destroys the cells that grow the hair. During the electrolysis treatment you may experience a heat sensation which is associated with the intensity being applied.

Electrolysis is a medically approved permanent hair removal for all hair types and all skin types. Electrolysis treatment should only be carried out by experienced and accredited practitioners. JN Laser and Beauty are experts in this type of Hair removal in Melbourne and promote industry-leading hygenic practice including mandatory use of new, sterilised needles for each personal permanent hair removal treatment.

To be able to destroy all cells ( hair) regular treatments are necessary. Hair gradually will grow back finer, softer and lighter . With continued hair removal treatments with electrolysis it will eventually result in the follicle being unable to produce another hair. Electrolysis is the only method recognized as permanent hair destruction treatment.

We are serious about providing you the absolute best in all types of hair removal and high safety and hygiene standards on each visit to our Clinic in Bentleigh.

Electrolysis treatments are performed by Certified Electrologist with 27 years of experience.

Electrolysis hair removal can complement both laser hair removal and waxing treatments by getting rid of small areas of stubborn hair.

Hormonal Facial Hair Growth In Women

Hormonal Facial Hair Growth In Women

Heavy facial hair isn’t discussed openly

“I spend half an hour every morning plucking out hairs from my face, otherwise I can’t bear to let anyone see me.”
“My boyfriend doesn’t know about my facial hair.”
“It controls my life. I can’t be spontaneous because I’m always worrying about 5 o’clock shadow.”
“I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me. I have to shave twice a day just to keep it under control.”
“No-one understands what I’m going through. All my confidence has gone and I can’t see any way out.”

We know what you are going through.

Hormonal hair growth is especially on the face and neck , is not limited to just PCOS but also Cushing’s Syndrome, adrenal problems, thyroid disorders and more.

This type of hair is course to the touch . It is deeper and more strongly rooted than typical facial hair.

The hair itself is sometimes thick , the roots are large which cause a noticeable shadow under the skin. Not surprisingly many sufferers pluck the hairs out to stop this shadow appearing, but sadly this can lead to ingrown hairs and damaged skin. A vicious circle then starts up where the sufferer can’t stop plucking, even though she knows it’s making her skin look worse.

Thick hair can also spring up on the body, especially the abdomen, across the chest, breast and the back of the thighs or arms.

While your GP may have prescribed medication to help you control your other symptoms, none of them can reverse the hair that has already grown. Laser/IPL offers reduction in hair growth , but again isn’t suitable for all and is limitted to what colour hair it can treat.

It’s likely you know about every hair removal method under the sun, and have tried almost all of them (including the dubious ones). You may even have started electrolysis in the past but didn’t stick with it. You may feel elated from the instant relief when it’s gone using temporary methods, but when it grows back you feel back at square one.

The only way to deal with a large problem like hair growth on your face and neck is to cut it down into smaller , manageable steps and have your treatments on regular basis Instead of trying to ‘just get rid of it’ all in one go.

Electrolysis correctly treats the problem by working with the hair growth, using it to prevent more hairs from growing. It won’t provide dramatic results in the first few weeks but if you stick with it then you’ll be left with permanent results and a real sense of confidence and achievement.

As the beauty pioneer Helena Rubinstein once said, “Nothing worthwhile happens in a hurry.”

We at JN Laser Beauty Clinic helped countless women like you remove their facial hair and the results are truly permanent. It’s tough going at first, but if you start with one area and get it cleared first you’ll see for yourself that hormonal facial hair really can be removed permanently.

Hormonal Facial Hair Growth In Women

When you see the hair is truly not growing back you’ll feel in control and liberated.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being Electrologist is seeing our clients visibly blossom and regain their confidence as the hair disappears.

If you haven’t tried electrolysis before and have some questions please book a consultation with our leading electrolysis specialists! Call us on 03 9563 9970 for more information about permanent hair removal by electrolysis and laser in Melbourne and the Brighton Bayside Melbourne area.


I have been a very happy and satisfied client of Joanna’s since 1997-and for the past few years have been traveling about an hour every 2-4 weeks for treatments and would never consider ever going to another salon. I find Joanna to be extremely professional and friendly and it would be hard to find another therapist with as many qualifications and knowledge as Joanna has in her field. In my opinion JN Laser lives up to the highest health and safety standards that you could find in any salon. I highly recommend JN Laser and Beauty Clinic and always look forward to my visits to Joanna’s.