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    Current Promotions

    Laser treatment for sun spots, pigmentation, freckles and other discolouration on hands or neck.

    $99 each treatment

    Regular price $165 Savings of $66 each treatment.

    We can treat pigmentation and rejuvenate your skin for a younger looking appearance on your face, neck décolletage, hands, arms, and legs. 6 treatments on average are required spaced three to four weeks apart. Read more about Pigmented Lesions and Anti-Aging.

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    Current Promotions – Venus Freeze Skin Firming for Face and Neck

    Prepay 4 treatments at the  cost of $250.00 each. SAVINGS  of $400!

    Regular price $350 each treatment.

    Recommended 8 treatments for long lasting results.

    Treatments are relaxing, feels like a warm stone massage, click below to witness!

    Learn more about Venus Freeze Facial here.