Vascular Treatments for Red and Blue Veins In Melbourne

Varicose Vein Removal at JN Beauty & Laser

At JN Laser and Beauty we have a number of solutions for prominent red and blue veins. Our laser HF, IPL varicose vein removal laser vein treatment therapy is highly effective for removing veins on thighs, neck, decolletage and legs.

  • Non-Invasive Laser Vein Treatment
  • Diathermy For Vein Treatments
  • HF (High Frequency)
  • IPL
  • Diathermy

Both men and women seek varicose vein removal for unsightly veins, however women tend to be more prone to venous abnormalities; it has been estimated that over twenty-five per cent of adult females are currently suffering with some type of vein problem.

There Are Two Main Types Of Veins Most People Want to be Treated

The two main types of vein disorders are spider veins and varicose veins. Spider veins, also known as telangiectasias, are the small, thin red and purple veins that lie very close to the surface of the skin and are prevalent on both the body and the legs. These veins keep their color because they are still connected to the deeper venous system, however because they are damaged, they serve no purpose and therefore can be removed without altering normal vein function.

There are several causes for these small, spider like veins to appear and some of the most common are hereditary, sun damage, trauma, certain medications and certain disease processes.

Non-Invasive Treatment For Veins

Laser vein removal can be used to treat spider veins and some smaller varicose veins. The laser energy targets and cauterizes the veins, effectively cutting off the blood supply.

Once blood is no longer supplied to the vein, it will be naturally absorbed and expelled by the body. Smaller varicose veins (those that are 3mm and less in diameter) can be treated with this method, but larger veins will require other treatment options.

About Vascular Lesions and Prominent Veins

Vascular lesions are a concentration or enlargement of fine blood vessels. The medical term for these lesions is Telangiectases.

By gently heating the spider veins with a thin probe, the collagen fibers that form the veins are denatured and the veins coagulate beneath the skin. The remnants beneath the skin are then broken down by the body and eliminated.

After care instructions

The treated area will be red for some time post treatment.
Swelling is always present after Laser vein treatment, and usually looks like hives, this is normal afterwards, and is a form of swelling due to the heat generated during the treatment .
How quickly the swelling dissipates is individual, but often is no more than a few days.

    • No Heat treatments are permitted for 48 hrs afterwards (Sauna, hot showers, baths)
    • No make-up application for 24hrs, with the exception of mineral make up, which is chemical free, fragrance free and can be applied on the day on top of the recommended after care specialized product.
    • No application of perfumed products or aftershave for 48 hrs after.
    • SPF 30-50 recommended daily for 4 weeks after each treatment.
    • You may apply a cold pack to the treated area to reduce swelling.
    • Do not apply any cosmetics after your treatment.
    • For leg vein treatment you must arrive with legs shaved /waxed (hair free) prior to the treatment.

Intervals between treatments are 2- 4 weeks on facial areas & up to 6 weeks for legs.
Apply Vitamin C serum daily, to strengthen the walls of the veins, as this helps prevent new veins from becoming damaged.
Call the clinic if you have any concerns post treatment.
Individuals, whom flush easily, are more likely to develop new broken veins in the future; maintenance treatments will be required when this occurs.

If you are bothered by small reddish or purplish spider veins along your cheeks or other areas of your body, please call us to arrange a consultation and booking on 03 9563 9970 for more information on laser vein treatment and varicose vein removal.

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