Introducing: The “Better Then Botox Facial”

Now at last, you can have it too ! The Amazing Facelift – Used By Those Who Don’t Want Botox Injections, Or Plastic Surgery! Atoxelene JN Laser Beauty!

As women we want to look good and look young. Are your lines and wrinkles getting you down? Not entirely happy when you look in the mirror? Your are not alone and it’s not your fault.

Something very exciting is here to help you!

Now at last there is a facial that eliminates the need to go to doctors for scary Botox injections or surgical facelifts! The “Better Then Botox Facial” has been introduced to the salon some months ago. It uses atoxelene as an active ingredient to create wrinkle reduction and younger looking skin.

The “Better Then Botox Facial,” helps your skin tighten while still leaving your skin feeling soft. This is a Salon ONLY, Professional facial! Here is what people have said about the facial:

“I would recommend the treatment to anyone wanting pampering & results.”

“The compliments I have received from my friends have made me feel like a million dollars.”

Atoxelene Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Atoxelene INFUSION®

Do you suffer from frown lines, crows feet, expression lines and wrinkles?

Atoxelene Infusion® provides a topical alternative to anti-wrinkle injections without needles or pain!

Atoxelene is a skin smoothing complex that targets expression lines and wrinkles and assists in the prevention of new line and wrinkle formation. The combination of Intraceuticals hyperbaric oxygen technology and a formulation derived from natural amino acids results in visible line smoothing without accompanying paralysis found in some treatments.

It takes just 10 minutes to see the effects of an Atoxelene Infusion®. From the moment you leave the salon you will notice a visible improvement in your skin’s appearance. Skin feels firmer, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

For optimal results a six week course of infusions is recommended. Treatment can also continue at home with the take home serum lift that helps you build and maintain a more youthful appearance.

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Why Atoxelene works

Atoxelene serum targets the areas of facial muscle contractions to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and depth of wrinkles. Serum contains antioxidants to fight free radicals and generate healthy cell growth. Hyaluronic acid and natural amino acids increase hydration and seal in moisture deep into the integral lower layers of the skin.

With just one Atoxelene Infusion® your expression lines will visibly soften. For maximum benefits repeat infusions are recommended weekly for the first six weeks. Expression lines become smoother, firmer and visibly reduced, eye contour more defined and lips plumped. Maintain this positive change with an Atoxelene Infusion® every four to six weeks.


An Intraceuticals Atoxelene Infusion® harnesses three elements to achieve instant and dramatic results:

A. Oxygen under light pressure aids delivery of age defying actives to the deeper layers of the skin at the same time as cooling and calming the skin.

B. Unique Atoxelene Serum contains lightweight Hyaluronic Acid and a powerful combination of Vitamins and antioxidants in addition to Argireline.

The Hyaluronic Acid helps to instantly hydrate the skin resulting in increased firmness, reduced fine lines, and improved facial contours. Argireline provides the magic to specifically target expression lines and provide increased firmness, smoother fine lines and wrinkles.

C. Treatment Support Products provide essential layers to seal in and supplement skin nutrients for maximum synergistic effect and longer lasting results.

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The lightweight Hyaluronic Acid in the Atoxelene Serum is absorbed quickly by the skin for maximum dispersion of nutrients. Atoxelene Line Wand with multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid offers a concentrated formula that moisturises the skin’s surface and can be repeated throughout the day to achieve the ultimate hydration for specific expression line areas.